At the Lex, we value fresh, delicious and high-quality products. We love enjoying food ourselves, which is why we offer you a young and fresh cuisine guaranteed to spark joy, prepared in a modern way with the best ingredients.

We are open for new things and enjoy combining established recipes with new food creations. Amazing flavour experiences are what’s important to us, along with the quality and origin of our food products.

But our creative dishes also stand out by their fair prices and our motivated, friendly team will provide for a joyful experience.

As a native of the Moselle (or, as we say, “Moselaner”), head chef and owner Peter Lex not only pays special attention to his extraordinary food creations: “We love to give new talents a chance. That is what makes our wine menu so special, as it contains wines from young winemakers, which correspond perfectly with our dishes and menus.”


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